Campaign for America’s Libraries Toolkit for School Library Media Programs

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Interactive Resources:

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  • AASL Advocacy Brochures: School Library Programs Improve Student Learning

  • From an AASL Advocacy Tip of the Day (subscribe now!)Elected officials react to the voice of those casting votes. Getting others to deliver your message can be an important strategy. Consider the following list of individuals and groups that legislators might listen to: library trustees, Friends, and patrons; financial donors and backers; electronic media and the press; colleagues and other office holders; community leaders; university deans, alumni, senior administration officers, and staff; family, personal friends; staff; voting blocs representing jobs and organized interests; coalitions of organizations; educational and cultural groups; and business groups, chambers of commerce.

  • Library Advocacy: Influencing Decision Makers by the Illinois Library Association and the American Library Association.

  • Seth Godin The atomic method of creating a Powerpoint presentation

Broaden Your Audience Using Web 2.0 Tools

Visiblity & Invisibility - Useful Resources...What Message Are You Sending?

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Advocacy Resources:

Horizon Report on K-12 Education external image pdf.png 2010-Horizon-Report-K12.pdf


  • LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER- direct link to contact your Senator:

  • Add It Up Research and statistics to help advocates make the case for libraries at every stage of youth development and education.

  • Advocating in a Tough Economy Toolkit includes talking points, outreach activities, checklists, and resources.

  • School Library Funding Press Kit includes links to Google Map of library cuts, current news/articles, tweets, etc., plus talking points to use.

  • State of America's Libraries Report 2010: School Libraries

  • Value of Libraries. Includes links to articles, resources, and calculation tables.

  • Our Authors, Our Advocates:
    Authors are natural allies of libraries. They are passionately speaking out on the importance of not only sustaining but increasing support for libraries. Spread the word; share these videos and messages with your friends, family, and those who can make a difference.


  • NJASL Study by CISSL

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The Missing Librarians

Grants and Other Sources of Funding:

Useful Websites: